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Thursday 2 October 2014

Elle Blogger Template

This template is customized with many unique features. The header image can be changed to any image you like and doesn't need to include the roses. The social network icons are pre-installed and can be changed to your own URLs using the instructions included with the download. You can remove any you don't need easily. There are social sharing buttons at the bottom of every post for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well.

Friday 21 March 2014

This is a sample post

Welcome to the preview of an Envye Premade Blogger design. When you download this template from www.envye.com, this is exactly what you will get! The installation is so easy, and all of the coding is already done for you!  Your sidebar menu can be rearranged and changed as usual, and you won't lose any features you currently have.

Thursday 20 March 2014

This is another sample post

This is an example of another post!

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envye blogger theme